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Coopers Beer: Stop funding anti-recycling ads

We're closer than ever to a national recycling scheme: giving a 5-10 cents refund on every bottle or can. South Australia has had the scheme for 30 years, and it has made an amazing environmental impact, and helping schools and community groups raise money. Now there is a push to make it national.

But now the Food and Grocery Council, of which Coopers is a member, is trying to undermine support for the scheme -- they have just launched a national advertising campaign to stop the government from implementing it.

Coopers Beer say on their website that they are “committed to reducing our environmental footprint through sustainable production practices” but through their involvement in the Food and Grocery Council they’re contributing to a campaign that would be devastating for recycling and the environment in Australia.

Join me in calling on Coopers Beer -- and all members of the Food and Grocery Council who care about recycling and environmental sustainability -- to publicly support the National Deposit Scheme and suspend their membership in the Food and Grocery Council until they stop this campaign.

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I've just found out that the other major funders of the anti-recycling ads are these beer brands:

James Boags:

Tooheys Extra Dry:

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