Irish Horses are now being exported to China by Coolmore Stud to literally help set up horseracing there. No consideration or concern for these animals being sent to a  nation with a sick history of abusing animals is being shown also these animals will be treated as the Chinese see fit.

No government on another continent can monitor their welfare. Going on China's existing record of ill treatment to all living beings , these horses are facing a future of suffering and abuse when their racing days are over if not during training and breeding.

The link below is a Sky News Report on China's animal cruelty in CHINA'S Circuses and Safari Parks. The Report contains disturbing footage of animals being abused, including a young cow being fed alive to a pack of tigers. Why should those who are responsible for the treatment of both winning and ultimately slow racehorses be any different as no legislation exists to convict animal abusers in China.

Chinas meat trade and fur farms are extreme and brutal also.



B Wright. AFAR.

This petition will be delivered to:
    OWNER JOHN MAGNIER, Fethard. Co Tipperary.
    Simon Coveney.
  • client relations Coolmore
    Wendy Normile
  • SALES Coolmore
    MV magnier
  • Stallion bookings
    Tom Corballis
  • racing manager
    Tammy o Brien
  • director of sales Coolmore stud
    David o Loughlin
  • manager COOLMORE STUD
    Eddie Fitzpatrick
  • manager COOLMORE STUD
    Christy Grassick
  • taoiseach Irish Govt.

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