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Petitioning Cool Springs Galleria Management David Meadows

Cool Springs Galleria Mall : Please Remove Posted "Gun Free Zone" Signs From All Properties



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With the attention of current events escalating in the US and covered relentlessly by the main stream media, it has never been more important to be able to protect ourselves from those that mean to do us harm. By taking even a brief look at the current statistics available to us today, we can easily determine one glaring observation. It cannot be ignored that where gun bans exist, higher crime events and acts of violence, including those associated with guns, exist with greater occurrence.

Contrary to the mainstream media's propaganda, statistics show that where people are allowed to own, carry and defend themselves, the crime rates are lower and gun violence is lower, still. Simply do the research yourself and you will find this to be true.

Kennesaw Georgia is a good place to start.

Here is an additional good link from a local news station in Oregon not long ago.

These are but TWO examples out of COUNTLESS. Do your OWN research, instead of listening to what the prime time news stations tell you.

Emotions are high, and for good reason. However, facts and statistics do not lie. Criminals do not pay attention to any laws, much less gun control laws. Taking away responsible civillian's rights to carry a firearm, leaves only the criminals with guns.

It's been said that Adam Lanza turned his gun on himself the moment he saw that someone else showed up with a firearm. Criminals purposefully target locations that are free of all guns, aside from their own. And for obvious reasons.

Do you want to have to wait minutes for the cops to show up, when there are only seconds to spare?


We implore everyone to do their OWN research regarding gun control statistics.


We appreciate your time.

Letter to
Cool Springs Galleria Management David Meadows
Please remove the posted “gun free zone” signs from all Tennessee area malls owned by and/or under your immediate management control. Until these signs are removed, myself and my family will not shop at any of your facilities, and will take my business elsewhere.

With your current gun ban regulations, you are refusing your patrons the ability to protect themselves at all times. Guaranteed safety on your property is something no business can afford it's customers. Please- let us protect ourselves and our loved ones while shopping at your location(s).

You are allowed and fully entitled , by law, to restrict personal firearms on your premises, and we do recognize that. However, your ban on my ability to protect myself does not coincide with the 2nd Amendment. I consider your mall unsafe for myself and my family.

Until you address this issue and remove your ban on licensed personal firearms, I will continue to shop at other businesses where I’m capable of defending myself.