Regulations for Cummins falls

Regulations for Cummins falls

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Stacy Reed started this petition to Cookeville tn and

Cummins falls state park  is a beautiful place when hiked to in dry weather, but a very dangerous place when it’s raining or has been raining. We need regulations put on this hike, people that aren’t locals don’t realize the dangers of flash flooding in that area. We don’t want anymore lives lost at Cummins falls, please sign this petition to help make others aware of the dangers of this hike! 

On their website here is the safety info posted:

To make your visit to our park as safe and enjoyable as possible, know the risks. Use good judgment and common sense when deciding whether you should hike down to the waterfall or view it from above, at the overlook. If you decide to hike to the bottom of the waterfall please use caution and follow these guidelines.

The hike to the gorge is not an improved trail. This is an adventurous hike and is not suitable for small children.
USCG approved life jackets are advised if you plan to get in the water below the falls. While some life jackets are available at the park, we recommend bringing your own.
The less you take to the bottom of the waterfall the better. It is best to limit belongings to items that will fit in a small backpack.
Keep your hands free.
Wear sturdy shoes. Flipflops are not recommended.
Rather than try to take a picnic to the gorge area, plan to eat in the designated picnic area and just take snacks and water to the gorge.
Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the park.
Coolers are not allowed in the gorge.
Pool floats are not allowed in the plunge pool.

The gorge area of the park is a natural feature unaltered by man, as is most of the park. While very beautiful, this is a rugged area and there are inherent hazards.

The gorge and waterfall are not easily accessed and can only be reached by foot.

There are two routes that descend into the gorge.
One is approximately one mile and the other is approximately 1.5 miles.
Both routes are steep with uneven terrain and have significant elevation drops.
Natural trail surfaces are varied and include water crossings, boulders, and other obstacles.
Trails and rocks at the waterfall and gorge area are often slippery, so wear sturdy shoes and remember safety first. Keep in mind the weather when planning your visit. Sudden heavy rainfalls can result in flash floods and streams can become very dangerous.

THERE IS ONLY METION OF THE FLASH FLOODING THAT IS HAPPENING THERE IN THE GORGE.  People need to be made more aware and the gates locked to keep people out during the unsafe times!  



0 have signed. Let’s get to 10,000!
At 10,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!