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Please sign to urge Kimberly M. Foxx, Cook County State’s Attorney, to send NuNu, the horse, to a reputable rescue and to never allow Adam Hollingsworth, who forced NuNu to run for miles without shoes on the Dan Ryan Expressway in September 2020, to own a horse or any animal again.

He put his horse in deadly danger, and clearly does not have the best interests of this horse.  Both Erin's Farm NFP and Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation, Inc. have offered a permanent and loving home to this abused horse, so she will be able to live a life free of exploitation and harm.

The following is from a media article titled: “Census Cowboy” horse may need to be euthanized following 7-mile protest run, prosecutors say" re. the abusive stunt:

Assistant State’s Attorney Kevin Deboni said Adam Hollingsworth’s horse was not shoed when he took it “trotting for miles” in a “Kids’ Lives Matter” protest, injuring the horse’s legs and feet.

NuNu collapsed at one point, but Hollingsworth whipped it to keep it moving, Deboni said. Two veterinarians who later examined the horse said it “suffered greatly, bled profusely,” collapsed repeatedly, and was not correctly saddled and cushioned, according to Deboni.

Hollingsworth recently posted a social media video in which he said he “would ride his horse until it died,” Deboni said.

After the 7-plus mile run, the animal’s heart was racing at twice its normal rate, and its eyes were so dilated, they “looked like cartoon eyes,” he continued.