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Petitioning Director, Georgia International Horse Park Jennifer Bexley and 4 others

Conyers Leaders: Cancel the Great Bull Run at the Georgia International Horse Park

Bull runs are cruel to the animals who are trucked around the country and forced to run in a panic through an area packed with screaming people. The event is also potentially fatal for human participants and bystanders, who are at risk of being trampled, gored, or otherwise injured.

Bull runs mean collisions, falls, broken legs, trampling, and other potentially fatal outcomes for everyone involved.

Georgia Animal Rights and Protection (GARP), an animal rights organization advocating for the compassionate treatment of animals, requests that the Georgia International Horse Park cancel the Great Bull Run, and switch to a compassionate and safe animal-free event.

Letter to
Director, Georgia International Horse Park Jennifer Bexley
President/CEO, Conyers-Rockdale Chamber of Commerce Fred J. Boscarino, GCCE
Mayor, City of Conyers Randal S. Mills
and 2 others
City Manager, City of Conyers Tony Lucas
Chief Operating Officer, City of Conyers David Spann
I'm writing on behalf of Georgia Animal Rights and Protection (GARP) to express grave concern over The Great Bull Run, which is scheduled to take place at the Georgia International Horse Park on October 19, 2013. I urge you to consider canceling this event and instead host other activities that don't involve live animals.

No matter how cautious the organizers may appear to be, there is no way to ensure that the animals won't suffer or be injured at these events. After having been loaded onto trucks and herded into an arena filled with thousands of screaming people, the bulls will bolt out of the pen in a state of panic, confusion and terror when the starting gate opens. As they rush through the chute, they can crash into the barriers, fall and break their legs or collide with and injure each other.

They can also seriously hurt runners and bystanders. Every year, people are injured - by being trampled or even gored - during Pamplona's Running of the Bulls, and there have been many deaths. The inherent recklessness of these events can't be denied. Although the human participants are warned of the very real danger, the bulls are not able to opt out. Because it is cruel to animals and dangerous for humans, the Running of the Bulls is condemned worldwide.

There are countless exciting, adrenaline-packed events that the venue could host that would not put animals at risk. New Orleans, for instance, holds an annual event in which the roller derby team, Big Easy Rollergirls, chases participants through the French Quarter. Another option would be to replace the live bulls with humans in bull costumes for a fun, family-friendly event that does not put animals and humans in harm's way.

Seeing as the Georgia International Horse Park was founded on the principles of equestrian prestige and community ties, I urge you to not host an event as degrading and cruel as The Great Bull Run.

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