Convince Manitoba Government to Allow Drive-in Theaters to open

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Drive-in Theaters are grouped with indoor theaters in Manitoba's plan to re-open the province. 

Dr Brent Rousinn, We ask you how people sitting in their own cars away from other groups is the same as people sitting in a movie theater right next to people?

Sitting in their own cars socially distanced from other groups is exactly what you and others describe of social distancing.

You need to give people some form of entertainment, Families and kids have been stuck at home for over two months now, plus with winter its been even longer.

Drive-in theaters are an IMPORTANT piece of history, We are lucky to be in a province that has two Drive-in Theaters with another one possibly being repaired after a storm took down the screen. 

Drive-ins in Manitoba and all over the world have been hit hard in the recent years, between freak storms, down turn in attendance, big corporations not even in the same province closing drive ins nearby (Odeon Drive-in in Headingly) with out seeing the impact on family's, and Hollywood modernization (that required huge amounts of fundraising ($75,000+) efforts to buy new projectors).

We ask you, if drive ins can prove they have safe practices in place, including sanitation and social distancing. Allow some entertainment and Save the drive-ins and Manitoba History!

Who knows you could be part of bringing back the old Family tradition of going to the drive in on the weekend, for the all the kids missing their friends and driving their parents crazy stuck at home..... In the process you are also helping the friendly Manitoba Small bushiness's that run the drive-ins weather this storm.

Please help Drive-in theaters and Family traditions weather this storm!

Don't let this important piece of history fade into the past!


Manitoba Drive ins

Stardust Drive-in (Morden Manitoba)

Big Island Drive-in (Flin Flon) 

Shamrock Drive-in


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