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Convince id Software & Bethesda to add Mod Support to the upcoming Doom video game.

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The Doom franchise has a rather distinguished and golden history, for IT was the game to have really spring boarded the genre of first person shooters to massive popularity.  Doom I and Doom II have survived the tests of time itself as those older franchises are still continuing to shine brightly and attract greater interest.  But people don't realize as to why these older games continue to stride strongly.  

In the gaming community, we have a strong following of Modders, people who "modify" games by creating additional content, changing the game mechanics slightly or greatly, and greatly expanding the playability of any and all games, both in single player and multiplayer modes!  Games that can be modded are found to survive for greater periods than those games with no mod support.  But what is the point of this petition?  Why bring up PC games like Doom, and Modders who create additional content for such games?

id Software, under the direction of Bethesda, have released the new Doom game, a reboot of the whole franchise, separate from where Doom 3 and it's add-on left off.  The game looks spectacular, and COULD very well be a hit.  id Software and Bethesda have released their map editing tools, called the SnapMap system, that makes it very easy to construct levels and maps.  BUT... and this is a big drawback... id Software/Bethesda had announced that the new Doom game WILL NOT have any mod support beyond their SnapMap system!  This means the game can't be modified or have any additional and unique content implemented to the game!  The logic and reasoning for this decision is highly flawed, and could spell disaster for the long term survivability and acceptance of the game.  I am a hardcore Doom fan, and always will be.  But taking away mod support from a game with such a strong pedigree behind it would not have favorable outcomes.  I know I'd quickly loose interest in it, and just go back to the new adaptations of the classic Doom games out there.  

The aim of this petition is to convince id Software and Bethesda to add Mod Support to the new Doom game, probably not now, but perhaps a little further down the road.  We also need to convince the developers that the gaming community is essential in keeping the Doom experience fresh, even well after years have passed.  And this cannot be done without Mod Support.  The gaming community should be given the ability to create additional content, and test the capabilities of the game's technology to the limits, not restrict the freedom for the sake of equality between PCs and Consoles.  With Mod Support, more and more gamers would flock to the new reboot of Doom, and create an even stronger following, greater than or equal to that of the classic Doom I and II following, by offering newer experiences through Mods!

I urge all fans of Doom, and gamers out there who like how the new Doom looks, to spread the word out about this petition, and rally the call of all the modders out there, in an effort to convince id Software and Bethesda to implement modding support to the new Doom game!

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