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On November 8, 2012, Converse College allowed current students to change the Red Devil mascot that has been in place since 1975. Richard the Red Devil is an androgynous figure that allows room for all students. Converse students adopted a new mascot that portrays a stereotypically feminine woman that fails to represent the college's diversity and proven ability to defy gender norms. In fact, Roxie calls to mind exactly the opposite of what we strive to be. Panther and Devil alumnae alike are disappointed in the college they love for a failure to empower Converse women of the future in this way. Eliminate Roxie; see letter below.

Letter to
President Betsy Fleming Converse College
Lauren Maxwell
Eliminate Roxie and what she represents.

We, the pink and red Alumnae of Converse College, implore you to reconsider your recent upheaval of our multi-generational icon, Richard the Red Devil.

Roxie is the wrong image for Converse. She is hypersexualized and regressive. She perpetuates a stereotypical female figure that we believe does not accurately portray the diversity of Converse women. She defies everything we were taught at Converse - to explore our individuality to become active thinkers, doers, and leaders in society. While Richard left gender and appearance open to interpretation, Roxie insinuates that we have a preconceived notion of what constitutes success.

Richard's upheaval is also a direct blow against Converse Sisterhood and the very thing we were taught to hold dear: tradition.

Until Converse removes Roxie and engages us in meaningful dialogue, we will not attend Converse Alumnae events, and we will withhold our financial support of the school we love.

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