Petitioning Supervisor, District III Ms. Diane Burgis and 4 others

Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors: Deny the Special Use Permit for the Creekside Memorial Park Cemetery

The proposed Creekside Memorial Park Cemetery is not a compatible land use for the Tassajara Valley. It would be an urban-scale development in an area that is zoned for agriculture. It would also put structures on a prominent ridge and use excessive and unsustainable amounts of water. And it is not even needed, since existing nearby cemeteries have enough capacity to meet the Tri-Valley burial needs for the foreseeable future.

This petition will be delivered to:
  • Supervisor, District III
    Ms. Diane Burgis
  • Supervisor, District IV
    Ms. Karen Mitchoff
  • Supervisor, District V
    Mr. Federal Glover
  • Supervisor, District II
    Ms. Candace Andersen
  • Supervisor, District I
    Mr. John Gioia

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