Petitioning Supervisor, District III Ms. Mary Piepho and 4 others

Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors: Deny the Special Use Permit for the Creekside Memorial Park Cemetery

The proposed Creekside Memorial Park Cemetery is not a compatible land use for the Tassajara Valley. It would be an urban-scale development in an area that is zoned for agriculture. It would also put structures on a prominent ridge and use excessive and unsustainable amounts of water. And it is not even needed, since existing nearby cemeteries have enough capacity to meet the Tri-Valley burial needs for the foreseeable future.

Letter to
Supervisor, District III Ms. Mary Piepho
Supervisor, District IV Ms. Karen Mitchoff
Supervisor, District V Mr. Federal Glover
and 2 others
Supervisor, District II Ms. Candace Andersen
Supervisor, District I Mr. John Gioia
I urge you to deny the special use permit for the proposed 221-acre cemetery at 7000 Camino Tassajara (District III, Supervisor Mary Piepho).

While a cemetery seems like a compatible open-space land use, this one would have a huge urban footprint, creating over 60,000 sq. ft. of structures (equal to roughly thirty homes), of which the largest would be a 20,000 sq. ft. admin office/chapel, 32 ft. high with a 42 ft. tower and including two chapels, each 1,840 sq. ft. and seating 138 people. It would also create 13 acres of impervious area (roads, buildings, sidewalks, parking lots, etc.), the size of almost twelve NFL football fields. This would be a massive development!

It would also disfigure a prominent ridge in the middle of the site by removing up to 30 feet from the top and putting mausoleums and columbaria on it. These cemetery structures would be highly visible up and down Camino Tassajara and from the Windemere Hidden Valley Trail.

It would also have a huge and unsustainable water use. The DEIR states that this would be a “significant and unavoidable” environmental impact, even after mitigation measures. I’m concerned about the impact this water usage would have on Tassajara Valley residents (who are dependent on well water) and on the sensitive and threatened species found on the site.

And a new cemetery is not even needed in the Tri-Valley area, since the existing cemeteries within a 15-mile radius have enough space for the foreseeable future, especially given the increasing choice of cremations.

In conclusion, this proposed cemetery would be bad news for all who live, work, drive, play, ride, or hike in the Tassajara Valley or along the Windemere Hidden Valley Trail, and also for those who simply appreciate unspoiled open space.

Please see for more details.

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