Continue to Try terrorists in Federal courts, not Guantanamo

King George and his Dick Cheney's administration's detentions at Guantanamo and the Republican clamor for military trials had, and still have created bad publicity throughout the world and as a consequent the loss of trust in American justice continues.  Claiming that trials in civillian courts would be ineffective and dangerous, Republicans are attempting to force the Government to use miliary courts despite the fact that King George and his Dick Cheney's administration obtained more than 300 convictions in "terrorism or terrorism-related cases" in the civillian justice system, but, only three through military trials at Guantanamo.  I urge the defeat of any legislaion similar to S. 2977 and other efforts to prevent trying terrorists in civillian courts, where the world can see our justice system at work, now.   reality

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