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Continue to Call For The Humane Treatment of Dogs and Cats in Ellisville Mississippi

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The house of horrors that once was the Ellisville animal holding facility has been torn down as a result of the outpouring of concerned people around the world.  Though the building has been destroyed, the philosophies that created and supported it have not. Nothing has been done to replace these policies with humane policies or facilities for these animals.  

Continue to petition the leaders of the city of Ellisville Mississippi to act responsibly and humanely toward the animals of their community. Comtinue to let them know that we the people are watching and we will continue to be a voice for the voiceless. ~Carl~


It is important that all creatures be afforded humane treatment. No animal should ever be made to suffer physical or emotional pain for the failures of individuals or government entities who refuse to accept either individual or community responsibility for abandoned or stray animals. There are laws against cruelty to animals in Mississippi and those laws apply equally to those in government responsible for maintaining custody and control of stray, abandoned and lost animals.

We the undersigned petitioners ask:

We ask that animals being held by Ellisville Mississippi be provided with humane, well ventilated and air-conditioned accommodations, including adequate and proper food, water and sanitary holding spaces while in the custody of Ellisville Mississippi. We ask that animal welfare organizations be allowed to monitor the conditions all animals are held in while in the custody of the city of Ellisville Mississippi and we ask that animal welfare organizations and animal rescue organizations be allowed to assist in finding these animals new homes if their owners cannot be located. We ask that the current conditions and policies whereby impounded animals are being held, be rescinded and ceased and all animals in the custody and control of Ellisville Mississippi be taken immediately to proper and humane facilities for boarding, until a proper and adequate facility can be provided by the city of Ellisville for impounded animals. We also ask that the Mississippi State Department of Agriculture immediately launch an investigation into the care and treatment and obvious abuse of animals currently being housed in a cinder block building, absent air-conditioning, running water or proper or adequate ventilation in Ellisville Mississippi. Considering the known oppressive heat of Mississippi summers, the present conditions being maintained and promulgated by the city of Ellisville Mississippi are clearly in violation of the Mississippi law and as such, those responsible parties acting as agents and representatives of the City of Ellisville Mississippi, should be held legally liable and legally accountable for their actions (and failure to act) concerning the deprivation and inhumane conditions of the City of Ellisville Mississippi's animal holding facility.

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