Save animals from sexual abuse

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Hundreds even thousands of animals are exposed to sexual abuse cause by people everyday. I want this petition to go out and save animals from things they don’t need to be a part of. Did you know that there are still 5 states in America that don’t have laws against sexual abuse against animals? And even still 22 states only have this crimes marked as misdemeanors. I want any acts of sexual abuse to become a federal crime. I want people who are taking control of an animal and ruining who they are, to be put away for at least 5 years. There is no consent that can ever be given by a pet. They have no concept of what is right or wrong and should not be condemned to the corrupt ways of the human psyche. Even veterinarians can see when an animal has been hurt sexually by their owners. That is horribly sad and a vet, just like a doctor for any one who is abused by another person. Should be able to call the police and get these issues resolved legally. Please help this get noticed and sign this petition to help save animals from the ruthlessness of the wrong doings of people.