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Ontario Voters: Tell Party Leaders to Stop Pets Being Taken by Researchers

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Ontario Election – Urge Party Leaders to stop our pet cats and dogs being taken by researchers

Friends, we know that you care deeply about the dogs and cats who share your homes.  Our animal companions are our family, and it’s up to us to protect family.

Right now provincial candidates are coming to our doors to ask for our votes. We urge you to print this petition and share it with every candidate.

And, please sign and share it so that the leaders of the three parties now representing us in provincial parliament will know that they must take this issue seriously.

Let’s use this election to make sure that we elect representatives who will respect our concern for the suffering of animals.

Petition to the leaders of the three parties currently representing us in Ontario’s Provincial Parliament:

We urge you to commit to ending the shameful practice of sending pet cats and dogs to research. Because of a bad law, called Ontario's Animals for Research Act,  lost, stolen, or abandoned pets who are taken to pounds and humane societies are too often taken by researchers where they can be seriously harmed in painful and distressing experiments.

According to the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs, in just 5 years over 25,000 pet cats and dogs were taken by researchers. 

We call on:
Liberal leader, Kathleen Wynne;
NDP leader, Andrea Horwath; and
Progressive Conservative leader, Doug Ford 

- to make a firm commitment to, “Ban the use of lost or abandoned pets in research.”

Please do not ignore the love that so many Ontario voters have for the dogs and cats who share our homes.

Ask yourself what you would say to a child who is heartsick because their beloved family friend is missing. Will you be willing to tell that child that you are too busy with other matters to keep their friend from dying in a research facility?

If you have ever loved a dog or cat, or have a family member who loves their pet, don’t ignore our pleas.

The Green Party of Ontario has already included this commitment in their election platform. We urge you and your parties to do the same.


Most Ontario citizens believe that when a dog or cat is brought to a municipally-funded pound that every effort will be made to find them a new, loving home. But, for around 5,000 former pets each year, they instead face the ultimate betrayal of being sent to a research facility to be used as a test subject.

Animal Alliance of Canada has already asked each of you to commit to ending this shameful practice.

Not one of you has responded as of the posting of this petition.

It would be simple to amend the Animals for Research Act to ban this shameful practice. This would not change the provincial budget. There is no good reason for this issue to be ignored by the three leaders this petition is directed to. No reason at all.

The Green Party of Ontario has already included in their platform their commitment to: “Ban the use of lost or abandoned pets in research.”

We are deeply grateful to Green Party leader, Mike Schreiner for including simple decency toward family pets in his platform. Surely your parties can do the same.

About Pets in Research:

Under Ontario’s Animals for Research Act, dogs and cats who are brought to pounds, shelters, and humane societies can be sold to researchers for a small fee after only a brief holding period. Because this classification of animals, referred to as ‘Random Sourced’ are cheap to buy, researchers have little incentive to embrace the more modern testing methods that do not use animals.

For decades, Animal Alliance of Canada has lobbied provincial governments that were lead by all three of your parties to end this practice. Not one of your parties chose to protect family pets and the feelings of animal-loving families. But, now, you can change that.

It’s finally time to amend this bad law.

This time, please don’t ignore Ontario families who love their pets. 

We urge you to publicly promise to amend the Animals for Research Act to prohibit the use of our lost pets in research.

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