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Contact AZ Dept of Health to allow licensed midwives to attend home VBAC

The Arizona Dept of Health currently is not allowing women their right to choose the setting and professional of their choice for birth if the woman has experienced a VBAC in the past. We are petitioning AZDHS to change this decision and allow women full freedom of choice. We are collecting names from this online petition to add to a separate written petition that we will be submitting to the Arizona Dept of Health.

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Arizona VBAC Petition
Arizona VBAC Petition
In order to protect all women choosing to birth at home with licensed midwives, we the undersigned call on the Arizona Department of Health to open the rules and regulations governing licensed midwives. The rules and regulations currently governing licensed midwives in the state of Arizona are severely out of compliance with the current standard of care in regards to pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum care. We are demanding that the licensed midwives of this state be allowed to provide adequate, complete and safe care to all women choosing to birth at home. In addition we the undersigned, respectfully request that R-9-16-108 (A) (1) be removed allowing, with informed consent, women to birth at home after a caesarean section.