Boycott China Now

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We are calling on end consumers around the world to Boycott China and Chinese made goods. China is a brutal dictatorship and their handling of their Coronavirus outbreak has cost lives around the world. In their political desire to hide the epidemic from the rest of the world, they allowed it to spread to just about every country on the plant.  By prioritizing political optics over the lives of their people, they are responsible for the deaths of a number of people around the world that we can't even begin to guess the final tallies.  We are calling on all the world's citizens to boycott tourism to China and to boycott goods made in China. We can't depend on our politicians and big business to do this - their priorities are either to make money or to maintain peace. But as end consumers we can vote with our dollars and we can make a difference. Let's bring our money back to our own countries and to countries that work together for peace and prosperity for all.   Please sign this petition pledge to make an effort to boycott Chinese made goods. Take a few extra minutes to determine where something is made before purchasing. Spend a few extra dollars to buy a product not Made in China and by so doing so, stop supporting a government that causes so much harm to its own people and to the rest of us.