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Require Pet Toy Safety Regulations

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Our new puppy, "Mocha," ended up needing to have emergency surgery when a small piece of a so-called pet "toy," purchased from a local pet store, got stuck in his intestines. We're asking for support and prayers during this time, and are advocating that these so-called pet "toys" be required to pass the same safety measures that toys for children would be required to pass. Since these seemingly cute "toys" can pose a real threat to the safety of our beloved animals. Several days after surgery we had to euthanize Mocha due to further complications when his intestines telescoped inside themselves.

Unfortunately for dogs and owners, manufacturing of pet toys relies on the honor system; for less scrupulous companies, it’s trial by error. In some cases, even errors (discovered through consumer complaints) are ignored. Choose carelessly and our dogs may pay the hidden cost. Among the most familiar hazards are choking and stomach obstruction. Pieces as well as particles may be ingested, and since our pups use their mouths to play, toxic materials and coatings also pose a risk. Yet the Food and Drug Administration doesn’t regulate dog toys, and the Consumer Product Safety Commission only regulates pet toys that can be proven to put consumers (people, not dogs) at risk. Source:

There is no specific regulatory requirements for pet toys other than general safety requirements for consumer products which would be overseen by the Consumer Products Safety Commission. Source:

We believe that improving the quality of these products and educating the public will help protect our pets from similiar accidental injuries or death.

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