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Corporations currently enjoy free speech rights as though they were people.  They are not.  They are fictional entities created by governments and money in order to generate profits.  Since profit is their only motive their behavior is often against the interests of real human beings.  They are tools that exist at our pleasure; not the other way around.  They should not enjoy unregulated speech.

Letter to
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
We the undersigned request that you propose or support a constitutional amendment to end corporate personhood. Corporations are not people; they are commercial and legal entities. They do not have children who need good schools, they cannot get cancer from a polluted environment, they cannot lose their lives in wars of choice, they cannot be sent to prison or jail, and they do not benefit from a happy populace.
When corporations enter political debates with expenditures and propaganda, they seek to further their own interests, not those of the humans. Far too often, their interests prevail, because of their immense wealth. Please put an end to these abuses.

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