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Make custom button remapping a standard in all console games.

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This petition is from my perspective as a disabled gamer who finds many games today are unplayable simply because of my inability to reach certain buttons. These game would be playable and enjoyable if a disabled gamer like myself could simply remap the buttons in the games options menu. Millions of disabled gamers around the earth NEED THIS feature.

Also many more non-disabled gamer long to have this feature as it would help them enjoy gaming even more.

Option 1. Developers: Please spend the time and resources to build button remapping into your games. Making this a standard feature in ALL your games.

Option 2. Console Manufactures: Build a button remapping feature into your systems. What are the benefits of console side remapping?
1. It will free the game developers from needing to do any more coding or QA testing.
2. One remap for multiple games. For example if a player has one Call of Duty layout he can use it across all Call of Duty games.

In this day and age custom button remapping is easy to implement and beneficial to every gamer disabled or not.

Thank you for reading.

Chuck Bittner

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