Conserve Alki Beach

Conserve Alki Beach

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Why this petition matters

Started by Andrea Stanley

This is a call to action for our parks department and the city of Seattle to make the necessary repairs and improvements prior to the busy season of Alki Beach Park (June-Sept.) Alki receives thousands of visitors each year and is home to approx. 27,000 residents year around...That being said, these West Seattlites are not the only ones that call Alki Beach "home". This beach is also the home to 200 species of fish, 100 species of sea birds, 26 kinds of marine mammals, and 3,000 species of invertebrates.

Unfortunately, though the knowledge of these neighbors is only somewhat hinted to when you come to visit Alki (by 2-3 signs about seals).... the upkeep, protection, and communication of this precious piece of paradise is often left neglected. Trash is left on the beach, signs and fixtures are regularly vandalized/broken, beach fires on built with the treated wood that has washed ashore, and dogs are regularly unleashed on its sands. While the sand is used as a playground to some and a volleyball court to others, it has also become a mixture of plastic, dog feces, glass, burned coals, and shards of firewood. 

Signing this petition requests the City of Seattle to turn its attention to this summer staple once again to not only educate the community and its neighbors but to ensure that generations to come will have a beach to enjoy in the future and that beach days no longer contribute to the hindrance of the nature that was there long before any of us were. This petition requests park improvements to be made prior to the summer season. 

We request that the city and parks department move to do the below action items. We have also provided potential suggestions below. 

  • Education
  • Protection
  • Upkeep

Education- visual signs educating the public on what other "neighbors" we share the beach with including an ask to be respectful of these neighbors and clean up after themselves ("pack in, pack out").

Protection- Other signs need to be more frequent and visible*, such as no dogs on Seattle beaches and no beach fires outside of pits. Signage can be both permanent fixtures and temporary fixtures such as sidewalk signs placed by park benches (street side can say one message such as "no dogs are allowed on the beach, no beach fires outside pits", beachside can read "Before you go, did you forget anything including trash? thank you for visiting Alki Beach"). Signs can also be placed on park benches, beach concrete dividers, or spray-painted on the park steps.

Park staff need to be present during day/evening hours and empowered to put out unpitted fires, request dogs to stay off the beach, write up incident reports, and work with the local departments when needed. Beach parks such as Golden Gardens have regular staff empowered to do so. Current park staff have voiced they are not empowered to do more than park clean-up and maintenance. 


1. Trash needs to be regularly disposed of during the busy season

2. Sand needs to be regularly tended to via surf rake. Currently, surf raking is not occurring regularly. 

3. Invasive Foxtail growing along Alki walkways where grass used to be present is also a concern to frequent visitors, as it can lead to injury of dogs and small children that walk through these areas. Foxtail should be removed and exterminated using natural herbicides such as vinegar, as to not hurt the surrounding natural area and its visitors.   

4. Steps along Alki Ave (around 1500 Alki) need to be repaired. Currently, one side is out of order, while the other side damage has resulted in a public safety hazard.  

5. Park Staff needs to be regularly present and empowered to dissuade park abuse, similarly to other popular beach parks such as Golden Gardens.

*all existing signage is damaged/unreadable, vandalized, and/or not in visible areas

846 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!