The UK government to take action for climate change and help save the planet

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We the next generation are deeply concerned and uncertain  about the environment and we can’t bear, how some people are treating it . Those in government,  businesses and the population, need to know that this planet  we live in is not just ours but belongs to every single living thing on this earth. We are writing this petition because we know that you the Government are not taking action fast enough and  we know you have the power to help change things. What we have learned  from  the coronavirus crisis, is the importance of working together as one world, to help solve international problems. Why can’t we work as a team on the climate change emergency?      

We have all the facts from scientists and it is paramount that we act now before it is too late. Some of the changes that need to be made are: reducing our fossil fuels consumption. Fossil fuels are a big problem to the planet. It would help if we drove as little as possible and cycled and walked more. We would require better public transport, that is more affordable and more cycle lanes to encourage alternatives to cars. Instead of using fossil fuels in our homes we should be using reusable energy sources e.g sun and wind. It is cheap, natural and everlasting and the only way forward.

Another problem is: reducing waste. We live in a world where everything is ‘throw away’ and we need to encourage people to be more environmentally aware about waste. We also need to encourage a better approach to shopping e.g reusing things and making them last  longer and demanding manufacturers make things more durable. It would help if we could start using more re-cyclable materials as well as less plastic packaging. There should be better facilities for re-cycling such as food and garden waste.

Animals and mass extinction is an issue we are particularly concerned about. We need to stop deforestation and plant more trees. Trees of course absorb  carbon-dioxide and produce oxygen, essential for us all. We also need to stop damaging the natural habitat of animals which is causing many species to become extinct.  We think it would  be good to encouraged people to eat less meat and a more plant-based diet. We are not asking for people to stop eating meat but just asking for them to eat a little less.  In the last 16 years we have had the warmest summers in record ! We need to act NOW not tomorrow!  

We need to invest in all our futures and work with scientists to develop alternatives that are not harmful to our one planet. We need to work with other governments and bring an international response to this disaster.