Stop State child abduction

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Lawful snatching of a child from her mother in the name of any education system or law cannot be justified when it opposes the Natural, Just and Moral Laws.

A Mother's Testimony


To Conscious Human Beings

We are the decision makers. We are sovereign beings intending through our conscious actions a life-enhancing, co-creating future for ourselves and our children.
It takes each one of us to re-consider the society that we are preserving and feeding with our consent.

As long as individuals are punished for speaking up, living to their highest truth, daring to doubt the constructs that don't serve any of us, we're enforcing old paradigms that keep us victimized.

Truth is not a matter of opinion nor can it based on egoic interests. The judicial system cannot be just because justice does not condemn (think about how you raise your children) but understands, reveals, supports, connects, heals and liberates.

A mother and child have been unjustly convicted IN ABSENTIA and separated, with “lawful” but deceitful procedures.

Since May 2017, my daughter has not returned home and is punished with severe inhumane restrictions, violating her rights as a sovereign human being and child, because she was not schooled in the State’s compulsory schooling, which is heavily dependent on private tutoring that costs parents thousands of euros each year, just to remain functioning with crutches.

State schooling is certainly NOT free nor is it serving the WHOLE child by far. It needs to change at its core. This is what the State/establishment doesn’t want to face, punishing those who dare to expose and oppose it!

We can’t allow the State – any state – to act as an oppressor, a dictator, a violent ruler. No matter what it’s called in theory!