Save Good Luck Bar!

Save Good Luck Bar!

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Ev Boyle started this petition to Conroy Commercial Real Estate and

TLDR: A local real estate developer is evicting Good Luck Bar on May 4. Sign this petition to let them and our local elected officials know that Good Luck is a beloved member of this community and we want them to stay. 

Good Luck Bar first opened its doors in 1994 and has been an iconic haunt for Angelenos for the past 25 years. But Good Luck's management was recently told that they were being evicted and their last day of operation would be May 4, 2019. That's because the building's new owner, Conroy Commercial Real Estate, wants is developing a boutique hotel and restaurant in the building that surrounds one of Los Feliz's favorite bars.

The Los Feliz Neighborhood Council voted in 2014 to support Conroy's development, with some stipulations, but there has been little or no public discussion of the project since. According to Good Luck Bar's management, Conroy "assured [them] the bar would remain as part of the new hotel" prior to the eviction, and reporting from 2014 appears to back-up the idea that neither Good Luck nor the Vista Theatre would be impacted by the new hotel. Conroy has so far neglected to provide any statements to the media or the community, but we're starting to learn there side of the story (see updates below for details).

New developments are inevitable and should be welcomed in many cases, but developers should be transparent and communicative with the communities they build in, and with the businesses and residents they plan to displace. The fact that Los Feliz residents only learned about Conway's plans to evict Good Luck a few weeks before it happened is wrong.

I'm not sure what can be done at this stage, but we are gathering signatures to show Conway that Good Luck is an important part of this community and would be an asset to their new development. And that the community may not be willing to support new businesses in that space if they are developed at the expense of Good Luck. 

If you love Good Luck Bar and if you care about the future of Los Feliz and historic LA, add your name. I am working during the week of April 29 - alongside whoever wants to help - to make sure Conway Commercial Real Estate, the Los Feliz Neighborhood Council, and our City Councilmember David Ryu know how we feel and provide some kind of response. 


PS - Thank you for all the amazing and thoughtful comments. I will be collecting and sharing them with Conway and with our representatives. 

PPS - I want to be clear that this is absolutely not a NIMBY response to new development. We need responsible, community-oriented development to tackle our housing crisis, and ideally this city would be undertaking many more projects for affordable housing, public transportation, new parks and libraries, and bridge housing for some of our city's 60,000+ homeless neighbors. This development will never be that, and we understand that even boutique hotels can have a place in LA. This petition is asking for transparency and decency from developers, and that they work with and are accountable to the communities they build in. If reasonable efforts were (or are) made to work with Good Luck and this community, then there could still be support for this project.



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Good Luck Bar statement on being evicted:

0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!