Shut Down The Bobby and Rebecca Phillips Puppy Mill

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Bobby and Rebecca Phillips has operated a puppy mill on their property in Campbellsville, Kentucky for over 20 years! January, of this year, a welfare check was conducted and the conditions were horrendous! 80+ dogs were confiscated, all covered in matted fur due to tha amount of feces and urine they were living in. Some were blind, some very ill and needed immeaduate veterinarian care and one little guy was found dead, probably for days, laying in his own feces and urine!

A plea deal was allowed to happen by the prosecuting attorney and all 164 charges against Bobby Phillips were dropped. Rebecca Phillips took an Alford plea to 6 counts of animal Cruekty and 6 counts of no vaccination records. The worst being that The Phillips were allowed 31 of the abused dogs back and were able to start breeding immeadiately!

This puppy mill must be shut down completely!! Please help and sign this petition! We need your help!!