Steve Wilkos show violates civil rights based off a polygraph test!

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Went on a tv show thinking my child was abused by my ex's new girlfriend. My then 9 month old came home with 2 circular marks. I assumed to be pinching or ciggarete burns. I've never seen these type of marks on any of my children. I obsessed over the marks, took 19 pics thruout the span of 2 weeks. Called CPS. Christmas was a month away, I didn't want my kids to not see their father, so I took it a step further and contacted this tv show. They got us to the show within a week and half. We all took lie detector tests, I failed for whatever reason. 3 times to be exact. Up to this point I never doubted the show, there have been people sent to jail due to this show. I was yelled at, humiliated, told I was going to jail, that I was going to lose my kids, I was discusting and that I burned my child.  I couldn't believe what was happening. I fell to my knees begging for another test. I am a single mother of 4 kids. 10, 8, 2 and 10 months old. After the show, I was in shock. Had no hope, everybody was against me. My mind broke and figured nobody would believe me because of his reputation, that id never get to see my kids again. I have no family besides my 4 kids. I lost all hope that day. I was broken like never before, I couldn't feel anything. I overdosed on 70 Tylenol at the airport that day. I survived, spent 6 days in the hospital. By the grace of God I have no liver problems. The marks on my daughter were. RING WORMS not burn marks or any abuse. I have had medical staff look at the marks. How many innocent people have been accused and in some cases sent to jail ?!?!?! How many innocent people have attempted suicide because they were in shock?  Has anyone took their life over this sick show?!?! These type of shows need a disclaimer, polygraph tests are not 100% and should no human be humiliated, berated, threatened publicly at that based off a polygraph test. A judge nor a jury ever treat the guilty in such manner. Its a violation of human rights, its cruel and inhumane. These people are only worried about money and rating and the public needs to be informed!  Please help me so that nobody ever experiences this type of trauma and pain, or death. Bullying is not ok, on tv or otherwise!!!