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Drop Charges against John M. Robb, DVM

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On February 1st, the Connecticut State Board will rule on DVM John Robb's license to practice veterinary medicine.  The Mars Company (Banfield Veterinary Hospitals) filed a complaint against Dr Robb in 2012 and took his hospital.     In spite of the existing rabies law that is arbitrary and not based on science, Dr. Robb correctly understood that the dose for a rabies vaccine for small dogs could not be the same as large dogs, and humanely and morally gave small dogs in his care a smaller dose of the vaccine.  Small dogs are much more likely to have adverse reactions to the rabies vaccine, including death.  

Over-vaccination has been harming or killing animals for years, and the laws are not based on the available scientific facts.   Additionally, a simple blood titer could indicate whether a dog (or cat) even needs to be revaccinated, but this is not recognized by the law.

During Dr. Robb's trial, one heartless veterinarian stated that it didn't matter that small dogs died from the standard 1cc dose that is given regardless of whether the dog is a Great Dane or a Chihuahua.    He and the other vets and officials trying to revoke Dr Robb's license are blind to the fact that these are our PETS -- our FAMILY!     Veterinarians who care about animals are cutting doses all the time, because they don't want to see dogs in their care get chronically ill from the vaccine, or worse, die.    

The science behind the rabies vaccine is clear and is available from Jean Dodds who is leading the Rabies Challenge Study and Ronald Schultz, Veterinary Immunologist.  

The Board stated that they don't care about science; they were simply out to get Dr. Robb.   The veterinary and vaccine industry need to take a second look at what they are doing to our pets, and not single out Dr. Robb for his humanity.   

Please show some heart and drop the charges against Dr. Robb.

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