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Connecticut: It's Time to Change Teacher Layoff Policies

Connecticut’s school districts have faced a rocky economic road for the past few years, and teacher layoffs have become an inevitable part of the equation.

Without legislative intervention, great new teachers may lose their jobs while teachers with a documented history of poor performance remain in the classroom.

Why? Because districts haven’t been freed from the “last-in, first-out” teacher layoff policy – a policy that will guide layoffs in most districts. Connecticut needs smarter staffing policies, and ending “last-in, first-out” is an important first step.

Connecticut can end "last-in, first-out" in a way that is fair to both students and teachers. Districts have evaluation systems that already place teachers in categories like “intense supervision,” which signifies documented, ongoing incompetence. We also know that teachers have specialized training in particular subject areas that should be preserved when possible. Why on earth wouldn’t we let districts make layoff decisions based on those factors, rather than only on teacher seniority? 

Legislators have the chance to change this ridiculous policy – and there’s simply no good reason not to.

Please tell your legislators and the co-chairs of the legislature's Education Committee that you believe we need to end this damaging practice this year.

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