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Why this petition matters

Started by gwen samuel

Concerned tax-payers, voters, and parents of Connecticut have launched a Repeal Secret Deal CT campaign to address Public Act 19-117, Section 183, a nontransparent deal that was pushed through the state general assembly in June of 2019, without a public hearing. This secret deal committed our public school children and their private student data, in addition to 100 million of public taxpayer dollars in $20 million dollars increments, for at least a five year period, to a hastily created nonpublic entity that is developed like a state quasi-public entity called The Partnership for Connecticut Inc. 

As a result, WE, the undersigned taxpayers, parents, VOTERS, and concerned citizens of Connecticut demand the following:

1. A special session to be convened immediately to ensure the Partnership of Connecticut Inc secret deal, a nontransparent entity, is not violating any state and federal laws pertaining to the rights of our public school children and their private student data.

2. Repeal all nontransparent sections of Public Act 19-117, Section 183, during the 2020 Regular Legislative Session that convenes February 5th and Adjourns May 6.

Reasons Why the Above Actions Must Happen

As Connecticut taxpayers, voters and parents, we believe that this Repeal Secret Deal CT campaign is necessary to protect the public’s interest to include our public-school children for several reasons:

Ø Despite its state quasi-public appearance and conduct as a “public-private partnership” the enabling legislation has declared Public Act 19-117, Section 183,  the Partnership for Connecticut not be deemed a governmental entity.

Ø As a consequence of this nontransparent entity’s designation, the conduct of this nonpublic entity in carrying out its public policies and objectives will not be subject to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests from the public.

Ø Lack of transparency of this nonpublic entity will mean no accountability for how public tax dollars are managed and spent. Not protecting our public school children private student data and the $100 million dollar taxpayer match to the many strings attached “gift” from the Dalio Foundation is a very high price to pay for the so-called strengthening of our public education system.

Ø Potential conflicts of interest exist for members of the Partnership for Connecticut Inc. board who are also public servants/legislators who have an obligation to the taxpayers and citizens of Connecticut for transparency in their public responsibilities.

Ø This secret entity’s exemption from public transparency laws may lead to violations of the educational rights of Connecticut public school children.

Ø There is no accountability regarding public student’s rights under the Federal Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) when a non-governmental entity that is not subject to FOI can have potentially unlimited access to private student records.

Ø There has been no analysis regarding whether the receipt of federal education funds, such as under Title I, or Individuals with Disabilities Education Act IDEA could be jeopardized by potential conflicts in policy goals of this nonpublic entity.

Please sign the petition by clicking the red button to the right and join our collective advocacy efforts to protect our public school children, to include, their private student data and our 100 million dollar tax investment because our Connecticut General Assembly of lawmakers has its legal duty to legislate, carry out and protect the will of the people. They need to recognize the urgent concerns for our public school children and their legal right to be protected.

175 have signed. Let’s get to 200!