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I attended this fair for the first (AND LAST) time today!! If you have any compassion for animals whatsoever, never go to this fair and/or condone animal pulls in general!

Today, I witnessed with my own eyes, several poor, innocent and old (or very "broken") looking horses, pulling an enormous amount of cement blocks to see which horse pulled it farther - while WHIPPING their backsides over and over and over again to make them pull harder. 

I am MORTIFIED and will never attend this fair ever again, or any other one that supports this type of "entertainmet" (as they refer to it on their website). This is ABUSE and these poor animals are MISTREATED to the max (despite their note on the bottom of their website that says "*Please note: The Durham Fair makes it a priority to ensure that all animals participating in competitions are treated in a humane and respectful manner.") HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE WHEN THEY'RE DOING THIS?!?!

Animal pulls should not be taken lightly, as animals are living beings as well! This abundance of cement is brought in to the "ring" with construction equipment - to have a horse pull it is by far INHUMANE!!!!!

By signing this petition you can help put an end to this type of "enterntainment" for the sick people who could care less about animals. These horses (and other animals) deserve a life that does not involve abuse of any kind, such as be whipped and put to work to the point of death. I'm sure most of them have short lives because of this and its just not fair!!!


*The cement shown in this picture from their website is about 1/4 of what I saw them pulling today! They barely moved the cement a few feet, thats how heavy it was!!!!

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