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Allow more student input in choosing the commencement speaker.

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Louis B. Susman has been chosen as the commencement speaker for the class of 2012. Susman, one of President Higdon's former colleagues, obtained his significant wealth as an investment banker and vice chairman of CitiGroup Global Markets in Chicago, a banking firm whose New York office is still under investigation by the SEC for mortgage fraud that contributed to the housing crisis. We do not think it is appropriate to invite a former leader of a corporation that is currently under investigation, or a man who has kept silent during the process. Also, President Obama appointed Susman as the U.S. Ambassador to the United Kingdom in 2009—a highly controversial and luxurious position offered to the individual who gives the most money to a victorious presidential campaign. Susman bundled over half a million dollars in donations to Obama and gave regularly to the Obama's political career over the last decade. This practice is controversial among those who believe that money continues to be a corrupting influence in our political system. As an institution focused on community, integrity, and social change, Susman does not appear to be representative of Connecticut College's ideals, nor of our senior class.

In addition, his daughter (Sally Susman ‘84) is an alumnus of Connecticut College, which presumably boosted the allure of having Susman speak. However, Sally Susman is the Executive VP and policy overseer at Pfizer, Inc., which not long ago razed New London neighborhoods and participated in a Supreme Court eminent domain battle, Kelo v. City of New London. The company then decided to pull out of our city, taking the thousands of jobs it promised, and leaving the community with no compensation. Ms. Susman has also bundled over half a million dollars for Obama’s re-election campaign thus far. As an investment banker with a family history of prioritizing monetary capital and being rewarded for it, we do not believe Louis B. Susman should be imparting his advice to our senior class on Commencement.

President Higdon has made it clear that he is unwilling to discuss a different choice of speaker, but the goal of this petition is to gain more transparency from the administration regarding the process of such a speaker. The students deserve far more of a voice in determining the individual making our Commencement address. We want future classes to have more say and more transparency than the Class of 2012 and former classes received. We want the student body as a whole to take action when the administration disconnects from the students. We are not suggesting that everyone on campus is opposed to Susman, but we do think it is the student's right to know who he is, why he was selected, and decide for themselves if he represents Conn. Please sign this petition to show the administration that the students cannot be kept ignorant and silent.

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