Texas' #DonHutto140 to EBJ & Women of Congressional Black Caucus: #CameroonTPS

Texas' #DonHutto140 to EBJ & Women of Congressional Black Caucus: #CameroonTPS

7 December 2020
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Kamala Harris (Attorney General) and 9 others
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Why this petition matters

Started by Cameroon American Council

#CameroonTPS PLEA from detained Cameroonian women to the Congresswomen of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC). 

Six months before the ICE whistleblower by Dawn Wooten shared about sterilization of women (see our #FreePauline campaign), 140 Cameroonian women courageously protested medical negligence in the ICE Don Hutto Residential Center. Cameroonian women have been at the forefront of this fight since early 2020, yet have been erased and vulnerable throughout their migration, specifically in these 5 ways:

1. Women have the worst outcomes in the ongoing war in Cameroon.

2. In traveling to the U.S. and trekking on foot through 8 Latin American countries, they face anti-Africanness, anti-Blackness, and rampant sexism and gender violence.

3. The early 2020 protest (https://www.prismreports.org/article/2020/3/10/a-cry-for-help-cameroonian-women-allege-medical-neglect-discrimination-in-ice-detention/ by the #DonHutto140 was met with swift retaliation, as these women were separated and sent to various detention centers across the country, compared to a slower retaliation for men protesting.

4. In September 2020, when the world learned about the horrible medical practices at the Irwin County Detention Center, these women's courage was erased, even though they raise the alarm first.

5. Last month when the House put out a resolution H. Res. 1221 (https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/house-resolution/1221?s=1&r=73 on Cameroon, various detention centers were cited except many of the places where the #DonHutto140 are now detained, including e.g. ICE detention in Laredo, TX.

For these reasons, the Cameroonian women are seeking justice through #CameroonTPS. Their friends and families gathered at the offices of the following 5 Congressional offices on Nov. 20, to make their voices heard and demand #Justice4CameroonWomen:

1. Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson - Dallas, Texas.

2. Sen. Kamala Harris - Los Angeles, California.

3. Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester - Wilmington, Delaware.

4. Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton - Washington, DC.

5. Rep. Joyce Beatty - Columbus, Ohio.

Since this is the last week of Congress being in session in 2020, Cameroonian women are looking to connect with fellow Black women members of the CBC. For the holidays, they are asking that the women of the CBC hear their cry and do the following 3 things:

1. Lift their stories of resistance and help them on their path to justice via #CameroonTPS.

2. Fight for their fellow Black women and introduce a resolution on #CameroonTPS THIS WEEK.

3. Connect to the Black women on the Biden-Harris transition team, including:

- Kamala Harris

- Lisa Blunt Rochester

- Linda Thomas-Greenfield

- Karine Jean-Pierre

- Cecilia Rouse

- Marcia Fudge

Please fight for these Cameroonian women! #DonHutto140 #CameroonTPS #Justice4CameroonWomen #FreeCameroonians

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Signatures: 643Next Goal: 1,000
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