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Have school boards start teaching how women should become leaders, beginning with politics

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There are many forms of gender discrimination that occur in workplaces and media portrayal in America. Because of this, the authors of  this petition are asking the School Board to create educational programs for girls to gain an interest in leadership opportunities. Most importantly, the reason we are asking this for our school board is because there is a huge gap of women in a leadership roles.

School Boards have a duty to expose on all the times women have been in politics. We want the school boards to teach more about the political accomplishments of women. People were raised to learn that males are more powerful than females, we want that to change. For instance, according to Center For American Women and Politics there are 3 women in the U.S supreme court. According to research, “Only 19 percent of U.S. congressional members, less than 5 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs, and only two out of the current crop of U.S. presidential candidates are women. Clearly, ‘women are profoundly underrepresented in the United States in truly high-powered roles,’ said IPR psychologist Alice Eagly at a December 4, 2015, IPR policy research briefing in Chicago.” Women in politics are often reduced to their appearance and their behavior is judged on a different scale than their male peers. We want to make a change so that it includes women so men aren't always chosen, we want gender equality.  Because of this female Representative should have more active roles

As female high school students, we believe the answer is providing specific information to the girls through Ted Talks and Motivational speakers, have them learn about  volunteering and get involved in their community.  Provide them with  some up-to-date facts on women politicians today in America. Also teach them that they have the knowledge and persistence about putting themselves out to the public to become women involved in politics.

Our goal of this petition is to encourage women to go into politics more and be confident so they are not excluded. Women need more support and opportunities; we need gender equality. Our goal is to have school boards start teaching how women should become leaders, beginning with politics. This will change gender equality in a positive manner, giving everyone an equal opportunity to be chosen as a leader. Sign our petition if you agree about this gender discrimination. A way you can help with us is by sharing this out to raise awareness.


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