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Fund Bronx People not China "Panda Mills"

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The Bronx has a median income of less than $35,000 and majority of Bronx residents relied on food pantries and lack nutritious foods.  Yet Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney and her Billionaire's Club, Former A.I.G Chairman Maurice R. Greenberg and Gristedes Owner John A. Catsimatidis, are raising over 50 Million for a Panda exhibit in the Bronx Zoo.  

"The 50 millions fund you are raising for a Panda exhibit in the Bronx just promotes captivity of wild animals. The safest place for a wild animal is in his/her own habitat Not to mention you are leasing these pandas from China breeding facility that are not more than "panda mills" that used these pandas for money and international distraction form their own human rights violations. There is undercover footage of pandas abused in China's panda breeding facility."

Congresswoman Maloney invoked "after 9/11 and Hurricane Sandy, it's about time to have something happy,".  She stated that pandas are deeply personal for her since one of her daughters once aspired to become a panda scientist.  

For her whims,  she used her Congressional office as bully pulpit to get support to lease pandas from China and exhibit them.  In 2014, A senior official at the conservation society wrote in an email to City Hall "I think a statement saying that we appreciate her passion. but we are not interested in pandas....., Clearly she doesn't hear it when we say it..."

Congresswoman Maloney even said she envisioned a bamboo forest upstate as a food supply for the pandas.  If only she would envisioned a nutritious food supply for the people in the Bronx

Sign this petition to stop our borough used for the whim of Congresswoman Maloney which only supports China and their animal abuse and does nothing for us in the Bronx.



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