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Congressman Ron Barber: Take the lead in Congress to address the epidemic of mass shootings.

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Congressman Barber:

 When history calls, a leader answers the call.

On January 8th, history called. And again on July 20th in Colorado, and again on August 5th in Wisconsin, and again on September 27th in Minnesota, and again on December 14th in Connecticut, and still no leader has stepped forward.  Since 1982, 62 mass murders have devastated our communities, and America cries out for a legislative leader to drive the overhaul of our gun laws and return sanity to our schools, our workplaces and our lives.

The leader history is calling is you. Of all the members of Congress, only you were a victim in such a crime, and only you stepped up to serve your community because another's leadership in Congress was cut tragically short by a madman's bullet. You are the indispensable leader in standing up to the NRA and our do-nothing political culture to force legislative action to address this on-going and growing American nightmare.

We urge you to make advocacy for effective legislative responses to this problem (such as renewing the assault weapons ban, an extended clip ban, and improved mental health interventions, among others) your top legislative priority.

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