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Petitioning Jeff Miller, Chairman of the House Committee on Veterans' Affairs

for a Congressional Investigation into the Role of Psychiatric Drugs in Military Suicides and Sudden Deaths

We are requesting the U.S. House Committee on Veterans' Affairs launch an investigation with public hearings into the link between psychiatric drugs and the epidemic of veteran suicides, “sudden deaths” and the mass violence of the recent Fort Hood and Navy Yard shootings (both taking prescribed psychiatric drugs).

While there is speculation about what is behind these tragedies, the all too common denominator of prescribed psychiatric drugs can no longer be overlooked.

We are informed of the below facts in support of this request.

•     Researchers have identified 25 psychiatric drugs associated with violence, including physical assault and homicide.

•     There are 22 international drug-regulatory agency warnings about psychiatric drugs causing violent behavior, mania, psychosis and homicidal thoughts, and 49 warnings about suicidal thoughts.

•     An estimated 90% of school shooters were users of antidepressants, according to psychiatrist Dr. David Healy. These same drugs are prescribed to at least 6% of our servicemen and women.

•     A Veteran Affairs study found 80% of vets diagnosed with PTSD were given psychiatric drugs; of these 89% were treated with antidepressants.

•     There are hundreds of sudden cardiac arrest (“sudden death”) among veterans that have been prescribed cocktails of psychotropic drugs.

We are calling on lawmakers to address the role of psychiatric drug use and withdrawal as it relates to veteran suicides, “sudden deaths” and mass violence, given that the supporting data on psychiatric drugs and violence already exists and, to date, has been ignored by mental health agencies and the federal government.

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  • Jeff Miller, Chairman of the House Committee on Veterans' Affairs

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