Save the National Scenic Trails by Protecting & Closing the Gaps

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Imagine that you plan a hiking trip to explore one of the 11 National Scenic Trails, and you keep running into dead ends and private properties. #closethegaps

Did you know that the only trail that has a continuous, protected right-of-way is the Appalachian Trail? The other 10 trails have gaps subject to closure, or have access problems. Our non-profit, Hiking Trails for America, was formed to urge Congress to close these gaps for all National Scenic Trails, as it has done for the Appalachian Trail.

Which Trail is near you?

* Arizona National Scenic Trail - no gaps - all on public lands
* Continental Divide - 24% of the trail has gaps
* Florida National Scenic Trail - 24% of the trail has gaps
* Ice Age National Scenic Trail - 42% of the trail has gaps
* Natchez Trace National Scenic Trail - 864% of the trail has gaps
* New England National lScenic Trail - 34% of the trail has gaps
* North Country National Scenic Trail - 35% of the trail has gaps
* Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail - 10% of the trail has gaps
* Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail - 25% of the trail has gaps
* Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail - 13% of the trail has gaps

All National Scenic Trails should guarantee a quality hiking experience for individuals and families for the future; with a continuous footpath, and Congress should act to provide it. Congress needs to determine two thing - 1)how  much time and money will be needed, and 2) what government agency should be charged with the task.  

It's been 40  years and it's long overdue: The last oversight hearing was in 1978.  It's time for another. Please add your support to let Congress know that our National Scenic Trails are important and need attention. #closethegaps