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We need national Bathroom Laws!

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We demand that Congress draft a National Bathroom Law that allows Transgender people to use the public facilities that corresponds to their gender identity.  

Many states including South Dakota and North Carolina are implementing legislation that discriminates against Transgender students. Some laws mandate students use facilities, that correspond to their assigned gender instead of the gender they best identify with. Why is this harmful?   Preliminary Findings from a 2015 U.S  Transgender survey, reported that 59% of Transgendee students avoided bathrooms public bathrooms at work, school and other places to prevent confrontation. It also found that 31% avoided eating and drinking so they did not have to use the restroom, and 24% had people tell them they are using the wrong bathroom! In addition, Data from a National Transgender Discrimination surveys, shows suggest a correlation between denied access and suicide attempts. They found that a large percentage of respondents who were rejected access to college campus facilities also reported attempts to commit suicide.

Kristie Seelman, an assistant in the School of Social Work and Policy at (Georgia State University ), believes “anxiety and stress about finding bathrooms creates a lot of distress in the day to day lives of transgender students”.  Although there are many contributing factors to someone wanting to end their lives, its is unfortunate that such an elementary issue has a huge negative impact on1.4 million lives.Can you imagine the agony and frustration this can cause someone? How can we  encourage freedom of expression and limit it at the same time? The first, and arguably most important amendment, gives us the right to express ourselves through symbolic speech. It is symbolic that a woman trapped in a man’s body goes to the ladies room so she feels comfortable and visa versa. Therefore according to the constitution states are violating thousands of citizens first amendment right. We can not prohibit people from exercising their right they because we feel uncomfortable with how they choose to do so. We have to put our personal biases and irrational fears aside.  This is why we urge the national government to take this issue seriously. We urge Congress to let Transgender people exercise their first amendment right.

 Please sign and share this petition together we can make a change in the legislative process our government currently follows, we can show them that we have strong voices and opinions that demand to be heard!




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