Tell Congress: Save Restaurant Jobs, Not Restaurant Profits!

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The restaurant industry is failing. COVID-19 is worse than ever, and across the country we are headed back into another round of shutdowns. Most restaurants are looking at closing their doors forever. This could send millions of workers and their families into long-term unemployment and the whole economy into a depression.

Democrats in the House of Representatives recently proposed a $120-billion bailout called the RESTAURANTS Act. Unfortunately, this bill was written by and for restaurant owners, not restaurant workers. Unlike the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) passed earlier this year—which mandated that 75 percent of direct grants go to payroll—the RESTAURANTS Act would let bosses do virtually whatever they want with the money with no strings attached. If it passes unchanged, many business owners will simply pocket their grants, lay off their staff, shut down, and ride out the pandemic. This would be a disaster not only for restaurant workers, but for the entire U.S. economy.

We need to save restaurant jobs, not restaurant profits. We demand that Congress amend the RESTAURANTS Act or any new stimulus package to mandate that business owners spend the bailout money on their workers!