Stop USDA's Kitten Cannibalism Experiments

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My name is Dr. Jim Keen. And I participated in the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s taxpayer-funded experiments.

For two decades, I worked for the USDA's Agricultural Research Service. Perhaps you've heard of my former employer -- it also runs the notorious USDA Kitten Slaughterhouse where thousands of kittens have been killed in wasteful tests. 

Now I’m working with White Coat Waste Project and Congress to de-fund and defeat this government animal abuse.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • 3,000 Kittens Slaughtered and Incinerated: they’re only 10-weeks old. But USDA kills healthy kittens for its pointless Toxoplasmosis experiments.
  • $22 Million in Taxes: we’ve been forced to pay the bill for nearly 50 years!
  • USDA Defiant: government refuses to adopt out survivors, even though veterinary and public health authorities agree these kittens don’t need to be incinerated like trash.

But it gets even worse: USDA buys dog and cats from China’s meat markets... and it feeds their hearts and brains to the Kitten Slaughterhouse's trapped lab victims!

“Purchased from Asian meat markets to be part of experiments by the USDA.”–ABC News

That's what we just exposed to Time Magazine, NBC News, the Washington Post, and the international media with our new investigation.

As a former USDA employee, veterinarian, and scientist with over a quarter century of experience in public health, I know there’s no way to defend senseless government waste and abuse like this.

Bottom line: taxpayers should never be forced to pay-off China’s worst dog and cat meat markets and slaughterhouses!

That’s why I’m working with Congress to pass the KITTEN Act. This critical legislation will cut USDA Kitten Slaughterhouse’s tax funding … forever!

Please join me: demand Congress pass the KITTEN Act. Let’s end the killings and incinerations, adopt out the survivors, and stop USDA’s Asian dog meat shopping spree!

-Jim Keen, DVM, PhD