Stop the weakening of the Endangered Species Act

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       The Endangered Species Act is very important to everyone because over 1,300 species in the United States are considered endangered. Healthy ecosystems depend on certain keystone species in order to keep the life cycle going. Once one species is endangered, it puts the rest of the species in the certain ecosystem in danger because without certain species, the rest of the ecosystem isn’t getting the benefits it needs, thus putting more species in danger. 

 This Endangered Species Act was created in 1973 helps to prevent endangered species from being killed and “taken” from their population in order to allow them to recover and not go extinct through a program that helps to preserve the habitat and the animal/ plant that is extinct. 99% of all endangered animals that were put on this list have been saved from extinction. 


Trump’s administration is attempting to attack all laws geared towards preserving the nation’s wildlife, water, air, and land. We need your help to stop this from happening because this could put many species into extinction including monarch butterflies, wolverines, and panthers. 

The weakening of such laws and regulations will prohibit the designation of habitats that a threatened species needs to live in in order to survive, which is why many animals are losing range dramatically. Within the next century, 50% of our species are projected to die out. We need your help to stop the weakening of these laws which will help to save millions of lives. 


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