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Stop Statute of Limitations from exp. during open homicide investigations!

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It makes no sense and provides no justice for victims of crimes, when the statute of limitations can expire before an investigation is complete. This is pertaining to statutes related to crimes such as:,  child abuse, neglect, drug possession and surviving children present during a homicide. In addition, we call on congress to give families of homicide victims the right to call on the Federal Bureau of Investigation for a Federal investigation if local authorities are unable to complete the investigation in a timely manner. Both calls for change are inspired by Juliette Geurts- Juliette sustained 'multiple' blunt force trauma to the head that lead to her death in 2008. The investigation into this child's death has been in an active/ open and unsolved status since 2008. Due to the lengthy investigation of Juliette's death some possible statutes that could be related to the case that would impose additional charges have expired. If Juliette's death is considered a homicide, no additional charges of child abuse can be imposed on the person(s) responsible for the death of Juliette. In many , if not all states the Federal Beureu of Investigations will not get involved unless called on by local authorities or the family can prove wrong doing. In Juliette's case, the grieving family cannot prove wrongdoing as they were not in the home at the time of Juliette's death. For more information regarding Juliette's Geurts follow this link ... Juliette also has more than 13,000 supporters on Facebook for Justice for Juliette on Facebook follow link After reading Juliette's story, you will see why it is so dire that the law be changed regarding the expiration of statute of limitations during an investigation and give families the right to call for a Federal investigation for homicide cases that local authorities are unable to solve in a reasonable amount of time. The reasonable amount of time for a homicide investigation by local authorities should expire after one year. It is believed that a federal investigation in such cases, given the amount of resources available to the FBI vs. Local authorities would be more successful in closing homicide cases and give grieving families of homicide victims closure in a less amount of time. No family should have to be tormented with the loss of a loved one, especially a child with no hope of closure, when the local authorities are unable to move the investigations toward closure in a reasonable amount of time. Thank you for your time and consideration for this matter.

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