Stop Obama From Going To War In Syria

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August 25, 2013 5:22 AM Eastern US time
The United States is about to go to war over
unproven assumptions, in a manner which can
best be described as rash judgment.
Is it a characteristic of the American personality
to go on the destructive warpath over unproven

If so, Americans will all pay dearly for this, this time around.
I know that American "strategists" and "leaders"
have not thought things out very well as to what
consequences might ensue if they press ahead
with war in Syria. And it is war, no matter what
they choose to sugarcoat this with in their
propaganda statements.
Russia may opt to go to war if the United States
attacks Syria. After all, Russia has clearly signaled
that Syria is in the Russian sphere of influence,
and Syria is somewhat of a Russian protectorate.
A Russian war to defend its own sphere of influence
against an overextended United States, at a time when
the USA has gobbled up almost the entire former
Warsaw Pact area into NATO, is NOT OUT OF THE
If the United States goes to war in Syria, it will not
be a case of a "surgical strike" to do exactly what
American military planners want, and no more than that.
It will not be a casualty free exercise. It will be very
destabilizing to the world, at a time when the USA
can least afford destabilization, and at a time and in
a way when Russia can reap a bountiful harvest if it
plays the chessboard right - something that Russia
is very good at.
Let me say first that France has responded to the recent
reports of chemical weaponry in Syria by blaming the
regime, in unmistakable terms. The reason why the
government of France has done this is that France has
lost people in the Syrian war; and was already on the
verge of war over the issue, when the government changed
hands. So France has an unsettled grudge, and it would
be very naive of the United States to be drawn into war
due to that.
If the mighty United States attacks Syria, the Russian response
could very well be the following:
A) To reconstitute the Soviet Union within its old boundaries
as the enlarged Russian Federation, starting with Belarus,
then the Ukraine, then either Georgia or Lithuania. NATO
would be in a shambles. It would be shown up as an
overextended beached whale.
B) Russia could well send troops to Syria, at the invitation
of the Assad government. In the process, chemical weapons
inspections would be done in Syria for the first time, under
Russian auspices. The charges hurled against the regime
by the American neocons would be proven false, of course.
C) Russia's next move would be a drive to reoccupy
much of Central Asia; all the way to the Afghani border.
The drive south would not stop there. Russia would use
its new, reconstituted might to drive the American forces
out of Afghanistan by whatever means necessary - and it
won't be pretty.
D) Russia, then, would consolidate its new beachheads in
Latin America - Cuba, Venezuela, and perhaps a few other
countries where Russia would increase its military presence
and its ability to project power.
E) Russia is still in a position to increase its presence in
F) Russia will form a formal alliance with Iran and possibly
also with Afghanistan under a new government.
G) After completing its reoccupation of the Caucasus
republics, the Baltic nations and Moldava, Russia will
be in a position to reconstitute the Warsaw Pact, in a
much larger form than before. Russia will pick off the
NATO nations one by one, subverting them, and occupying
them under the guise of restoring freedom and ousting
American spies.
H) Russia will also be in a position to do what no other
nation has dared to do - assist the white South Africans
who have been the victims of genocide and forced exile
since 1994. In doing so, Russia will enable itself to establish
a naval base at the Cape of Good Hope, thus controlling the
sea lanes around South Africa; and Russia will also be
in a commanding position to revitalize the mineral resources
of South Africa.
I) Russia will be in a position to help to negotiate the
reunification of Korea, in a way that excludes American
J) Meanwhile Syria will be at peace. The entire destabilization
of Syria will have been shown to be a monumental fraud
started and engineered by foreign countries, rather than by
Syrians - except for those who were duped into supporting
the destabilization.
K) Greece will oust NATO and join the Warsaw Pact, due to
the suffering inflicted on Greece by the European Union.
The same may be true of Spain.
L) Russia is even in a position to re-establish itself in
Libya and Egypt at this point. Russia will gain control
over the Suez Canal - possibly over Gibraltar in forcing a
British exit - and possibly over the Bosporus and Dardanelles
by manipulating Turkish internal strife to its advantage, which
Russia is now in a position to prepare to do once Erdogan
departs the political scene, as he eventually will.
America is challenging Russia over Syrian issues at a time
when not only does the US Government not know what it
is doing, but at a time when Russia is ready to reconstitute
itself and America is ready to fall apart - and also at a time
when the reputation of the USA is at an all-time low
internationally, and the credit of the United States is in
a position to massively fail. In fact, this challenge is issued
at a time when America doesn't stand for freedom anymore.
America, not Russia, will be seen internationally as the
"evil empire" going into this. There is NO SIGN that anyone
in any position of power in the US Government knows how
to restore freedom, knows why this should be done, or knows
that it needs doing at all. The US Government is hopelessly
out of touch with reality in all aspects of the basic ideological
premises upon which the United States was founded.
The United States is in no position to start a war over any
self-righteous portrayal of any issues. The tax base of the
United States is now so fragile that it is about to collapse.
The morale of the average American is so low that there is
a real possibility that the American military may mutiny against
any order to attack Syria, even from the start of the portended war.
Many history books say that the United States was "defeated"
in Vietnam. That was not a defeat for the United States.
Syria will be, if this Obama administration continues on its
headlong course of self-delusional self-destruction.
The Obama Administration needs to focus on the process of
restoring the lost art of Government CLEMENCY within the
boundaries of the United States, rather than insisting that
all other countries of the world do what the USA itself
steadfastly refuses to do. The Obama Administration must
pardon the INNOCENT victims of prosecutorial wrongful conviction.
Instead of building more prisons, Government in America must
empty the prisons it already has, and stop knowingly prosecuting
the innocent. If the Government of the United States of America
wants to play world policeman, and restore freedom to this
country or that, Uncle Sam need look no farther than his
own country - before he loses it. Instead of spending more
money for more unnecessary wars, the US Government needs
to compensate the victims of wrongful conviction and
Government defamation.
These politicians in Washington need to get their heads
out of the sand, and they need to stop believing their
self-congratulatory lies.
At this time in history, the United States has a wonderful
opportunity to bring peace to the world by exercising
its power wisely. During a succession of three
boy Presidents in a row, the United States has
scuttled its unique historic opportunity to bring
peace with stability. We have seen wisdom diminish
in Washington, we have seen freedom diminish in
America, and we have seen the reputation of the
United States decline around the world. There is still
time for the United States to get on the ball and get
back on track - but the US Government will have to
change course to do it, immediately; as described
in the petition President Obama - Turn Over A New Leaf;
also on change dot org.
The real enemies of the United States are not in Syria or
Russia, but within its own Government. I urge all good
Americans and good people around the world to sign
and share this petition, and all the good petitions on
Thank you.
Scott Davis
Committee of 37 Peace Initiative
PO Box 877
Edgmont, PA 19028-0877