Congress: Stop Kiryas Joel Bloc Vote Abuse

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Congress: Stop Kiryas Joel Bloc Vote Abuse

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Since taking leadership of the Village of Kiryas Joel in New York in 1990, the political leaders have exploited the 'bloc' vote to control local and state politicians and judges.

Jacob Teitelbaum has been severely emotionally injured by the Kiryas Joel Village leadership.   As an effect of their Block Vote abuse:

  • His family was broken up
  • His children were taken from him
  • He was vacated from his apartment
  • He was expelled from the Village of Kiryas Joel, and left in a homeless condition without proper shelter or access to living necessities

All of these conditions have been imposed on him for exercising his Religious and freedom of speech Rights. More information is available at

Jacob Tietelbaum is one of thousands whose civil Rights were violated as a result of Kiryas Joel Block Vote abuse, as evident from the following Court documents:

·         Waldman v. United Talmudical, Supreme Court, Orange County, 002130/1990

·         Friedman v. Orange County Board of Elections et al. Supreme Court, Orange County, 003778/1992

·         Hirsch, Yosef & Reizel v. Teitelbaum, Aron, Supreme Court, Orange County, 003779/1992

·         Khal Charidim Kiryas, et al v. Village of Kiryas, et al, N.Y.S.D. 95-cv-08378

·         Waldman v. Vlg. of Kiryas Joel, et al N.Y.S.D.97-cv-07506

·         Kiryas Joel Alliance et al v. Village of Kiryas Joel et al, N.Y.S.D.11-cv-03982

·         Teitelbaum v. Katz et al, N.Y.S.D.12-cv-02858

·         Teitelbaum v. Darwin et al, N.Y.S.D. 3-cv-05311

The media has covered the corruption and abuse of the Kiryas Joel leadership several times. For example:

The pattern of corruption and abuse started with the establishment of a Block Vote. The rest was a chain reaction. Once Politicians benefit from a Block Vote, he or she will return the favor by lobbying for programs.  Then the money from the programs is used to lobby for more political power, and a stronger Block Vote. The huge political power and the power of big money, gives the leaders of Kiryas Joel the comfort to do whatever they desire, without worry of being challenged by anyone.

We, the undersigned, in the interest of the protections provided in the first amendment of the US Constitution (establishment clause), and in the interest of justice for Jacob Tietelbaum and all those subject to abuse by the Government / Religious regime of Kiryas Joel, petition:

The United States Congress to investigate the ongoing corruption of the Kiryas Joel government leadership for oppression of their citizens and violation of First Amendment rights of those in Kiryas Joel and neighboring communities affected by the abuse of the bloc vote.

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This petition had 432 supporters

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