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Use Veterans For Border Patrol

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Our border problem with illegal immigrants and drugs entering the US is a major problem.  But, We also have a Homeless veteran problem, and a problem with Veterans in general gainig employment in the civilian community as a whole.  Setting up this border patrol could benefit and address all of these problems in a major way.  These men and women who would make themselves available are already trained for this type of mission and working with local law enforcement and US Border Patrol could easily be trained to  adhere to the regulations governing this type of mission.  With the surplus of uniforms, weapons,vehicles,temporary housing, and other neccesaties,  logisticly this could be accomplished easily and quickly.  If we look past the cost of this, we should look at this as giving Veterans a second chance.  Giving them a renewed sense of value and honor, while providing the citizens of the US a sense of security.  It is still the people of the United States to care for its own.  

Signing this petition will show not only that you see the problem and realize that there is a need to secure our border, but it will also show your Veterans who have always defended our country, that you still honor them and believe in them.  Please sign this petition and let the Government know that we have a problem that needs IMMEDIATE attention, and we have a solution ready to present to them.  It will then be on their shoulders to do what WE THE PEOPLE want and need!

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