SAVE OUR YOUTH | Support NWIAA's ask to become a chartered foundation

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SAVE OUR YOUTH | Support NWIAA's bid to become a chartered foundation!

Let's show Congress how important agriculture and education is to the edification of our children in the African American Diaspora.

National Women In Agriculture Association is the FIRST and ONLY Black Female Farming organization in the nation founded by Dr. Tammy Gray-Steele in 2008. Her passion is teaching youth sustainable farming at her 15,000 sq foot HQ in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The various programs empower the youth with gainful skills and focuses on providing jobs and income for our youth in the Agriculture industry.

She has now increased her outreach across the United States, and over 20 states are now on board! The organization understands reeducating the African American community in agriculture and farming is needed and considered "essential services.”

The proper documentation was drafted and sent to various officials to aid/become a sponsor of the charter in order for our organization to become a pilot program to the 4H foundation; However, it has yet to be approved by Congress. A charter like this has not been signed in over 30 years, Congress CAN submit and approve our decade long request for the Charter. NOW IS THE TIME.

NWIAA needs help to get the word out to show how important our programs are to the African American Diaspora. 

Becoming a chartered organization means proper permanent funding forever like other similar foundations/charities. This is a historic event in the making. NWIAA is one of the best kept secrets that is tired of being a secret.... Our men, women and children need us.

NWIAA chapters develop projects that are unique to their community, with the common goal of empowering those in need to obtain the skills and resources needed for growing food and creating agriculture-based economic opportunities.


Our Mission

To save lives and eliminate poverty by increasing the availability of fresh, locally grown foods while expanding economic opportunities.

Our Vision

To provide vital opportunities for rural and urban communities so as to equip them for tomorrow while engaging them in today.To make investments within society that will help move the United States of America toward an authentic and sustainable future.

Our ​Objectives

1) To develop locally grown food security systems in underserved communities (food deserts).

2) To guide young members of society to sustain healthy lifestyles and provide future generations with well-rounded role models.

3) To help instill the discipline and motivation needed to pursue post-secondary education.

4) To help increase the number of minority participants in the agriculture and farming industries.

5) “To promote character, health, and income from the ground up!”

Our Goal 

To help a minimum of 2500 children by 2022 under the NWIAA national and international chapters. 


Won't you help show your support today?? We need your voice.

Please sign the petition to show your support to bring awareness to the importance of having National Women in Agriculture Association become a permanently funded African American Educational Foundation available to our youths for generations to come.