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Save Net Neutrality

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Do phone companies charge more for calling certain family members? Does Netflix charge extra to watch certain shows? Should you be paying more money to gain access to certain websites? No. Net Neutrality is the principle that all Internet Service Providers (ISP) should treat all data on the internet fairly and equally. There are certain ISP's who wish to treat the internet as a premium service, where they will block, throttle, or even charge for access to certain domains. They want to force their customers to pay more in order to escape the "slow lane." This is not how the internet should be treated. When paying for access to the internet, you should receive universal and equal access to all websites at the speed you choose to pay for.

The FCC has already begun taking steps to scale back the protection net neutrality offers. Companies such as Netflix, Amazon, and Twitter have all expressed support for the current regulations to remain in place. Signing this petition will help build the momentum behind this movement and pressure the FCC Chairman, Ajit Pai, to save net neutrality! Success will lead to an open and free internet for everyone. Failure will lead to an internet full of restrictions, inefficiency, and fees for everyone.

We rely on the internet more and more each day. This is especially true for me. Personally, I use the internet to connect with others, get the daily news, research, and much more. Also, as a college student, a majority of my work is organized and done online, so I'm constantly accessing the internet. If I suddenly wasn't able to connect to the websites I rely on daily, life and school would immediately become much more difficult.

So please, take the time to sign this petition and support a free and open internet for everyone!

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