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Congress: Rescind Insulting Document Against Veterans and Apologize

In a recent -- and rare -- joint letter, Senators Murray and Burr, and Representatives Miller and Filner, insulted and disgraced those that have served the United States.

In this letter they -- who are tasked with protecting the benefits earned by America's military men and women -- stated that they are open to any cuts to veteran benefits.

Additionally, the letter stated that they "...believe no constituency better understands the challenge America faces, and no constituency is better suited to, again, lead by example by putting country first..." and accept cuts in their benefits.

As Chair of the Congressional "Super Committee," Sen. Murray has unprecedented influence to cut such funding without having to answer for it, and both House and Senate Veteran Affairs Committees positioned America's veterans as deserving to be victims of such cuts.

Veterans already face higher rates of unemployment and homelessness than the average American, and struggle to reintegrate into society after so many years of war. Thousands of these men and women have come back with significant injuries, while also remembering those comrades of theirs that did not make it back.

More than an error in judgment, they have shown callousness, and demonstrated just how disconnected they are from America and the brave people that have served.

Fewer than 1% have served in the wars of Iraq and Afghanistan since 9/11. More than 11,000 of these veterans were homeless in 2009 (and thousands more veterans of earlier wars). 84% of veterans feel that America does not understand the problems that they face, and this panel of Senators and Representatives prove just that.

Tell these elected officials to rescind the letter, now!

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