Stop Price Gauging Emergency Vet Services

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Mars Inc. owns a great majority of pet care services and other pet related brands like Pedigree, Royal Canin, Ceser, Banfield, IAMS, Eukanuba, Sheba, Temptations, and Whiskas (and more!).

Due to the monopoly that Mars Inc. has, they are able to set unreasonable rates for emergency vet care. I started this petition almost 6 months ago after spending over 7K to try and save my dog from what started out as just vomiting. During this journey I have literally heard from thousands of people who share my same experience. My heart breaks for them as much as it breaks for the loss of my sweet Ava. I implore every reader to research your animal care before an emergency strikes. Know your options! Mars Inc. does not acknowledge your complaints outside having a canned customer service representative contact you. If they truly cared about animals they would be working to fix their reputation and to save animals.

Unfortunately, as of April 2017, Mars in the process of purchasing VCA, another emergency provider. So your options are becoming more limited.

Below is my story



I recently took my 8-year-old Chihuahua to Blue Pearl, one of the largest chains of veterinary clinics in the United States. My beautiful dog was sick and I just wanted answers. Over the course of 3 days so many options and tests were thrown my way. It was hard to digest what was needed and to know if I was making the right choices for my beloved pet while weighing the financial costs. It was a pet owner’s worst nightmare.

I ended up racking up over $7,000 dollars in debt and still lost one of my best friends. This experience has opened my eyes to the lack of government oversight and regulations of veterinarian clinics. Companies like Blue Pearl, owned by MARS Incorporated, have shown an inability to police themselves. It’s time they put pets over profits.

As a first step, I’m asking that all proposed tests and procedures have the costs, benefits, and risks be provided to pet owners in writing. This will allow for people like myself to have in writing what we are being told, be able to weigh our options better, and get a second opinion if needed.

Had I had in writing the options being told to me, I’m not sure if I would have made the same choices, but in such a horrible moment I would have felt more informed.

Blue Pearl and other clinics won’t do this on their own, and regulations vary greatly by state. That is why I am calling on Congress to make this a national requirement. The love of animals and our family pets is a bipartisan issue, and I believe we can get our Congressional leaders to act.