Save Our Planet. Keep the Paris Climate Accord.

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I am writing to urge you to join me in petitioning our U.S. leadership to keep the U.S.'s commitment to the Paris Climate Accord.

My passion to address this issue is because Earth is our home for all humanity. We need to work together to protect it for future generations. We do not want to be the generation that causes irreversible damage that will have lasting negative impacts – and which could lead to the decline of humanity.

I agree with the Catholics Confront Global Poverty organization petition sent to President Obama in 2015, which voiced their concern about the real effects climate change is having on poor and vulnerable people around the world. The petition reminded us of Pope Francis’ words that the United States is a blessed nation and it is our “moral obligation to be courageous, to act now, and to care for our common home. We must protect vulnerable populations around the world who are the most adversely affected by rising sea levels, drought conditions, and extreme weather events.”

Leading by example will also give the U.S. the moral authority necessary to hold the rest of the world, especially China, to their commitments.

This is a non-partisan issue. Climate change can no longer be ignored. Our Earth is too important. This is also an economic issue. The effects of climate change on the global economy will be devastating.

Working toward a solution will help our economy and create countless jobs. The U.S. Department of Commerce International Trade Administration reported in April 2016, “the renewable energy industry remains one of the most vibrant, fast-changing, and transformative sectors of the global economy, with investments totaled more than $329 billion in 2015.” This vital industry and related job creation needs to be led by the U.S.

Perhaps you do not believe climate change is real. What if you are wrong? Shouldn’t we err on the side of our Earth? The side of all humanity? Aren’t our children’s children worth it?

Thank you for your consideration of this urgent issue.