Petition to Congress to Provide Economic Relief to Independent Physicians and Practices

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We call on Congress to help us secure and strengthen the independent physician and practice by providing economic relief to this important sector of the health care system. Congress must pass legislation setting aside funds for small practices who need financial support to ensure they are able to continue to serve as a community resource for years to come, even after the immediate threat of this pandemic passes. We will not have a strong health care system without them. 

Independent physicians and practices have always been the backbone of our health care system. As everyone works together to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, independent physicians and practices continue to play a vital role in providing care to patients and by giving acute care providers the breathing room needed to ensure their scarce resources are reserved for patients who need it the most by continuing to treat non-urgent health conditions and assisting in triaging and diagnosing patients with COVID-19.

Unfortunately, many independent physicians and practices will not be able to continue to serve their communities without help from Congress. Their resources are stretched as they work to respond to the medical needs of their patients while keeping up with the responsibilities of small business owners, including adopting new technology platforms that enable them to see patients virtually, continuing to maintain their offices and make payroll for their staffs, securing necessary supplies and personal protective equipment (PPE) and more. 

Just as the rest of our national health care resources are under strain, so too are independent physicians and practices across the country. Many are reporting economic distress resulting from a dramatic reduction in patient volume and decreased reimbursement for virtual visits. Like other small businesses, some medical practices have had to lay off critical staff, or report that they will need to do so in the near-term without economic relief.